We help schools find staff

If you would like to be considered for a post through The Teacher Network, please email your CV to us, as a Word document no larger than 1MB, attached to a covering email sent from your own email address. Send it to or the address given in the advert you are specifically responding to, or an appropriate address listed on the “Contact Us” pageBut before you do this, please note the points below.

1.  The status quo of our vacancies changes constantly so we don’t keep an accurate list of vacancies on the website. You can like our Facebook page, and choose to see our posts first, so you don’t miss anything.

2.  Minimum requirements for ALL of our teaching vacancies are:

  • tertiary education in a subject taught in our client schools
  • a recognised professional teaching qualification
  • SACE registration
  • familiarity with the South African education system
  • written English skills appropriate for a teacher (essentially with no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors)
  • a well-constructed, well-presented CV with no factual or other errors. To improve your chances of being included in our database, visit the CV MAGIC page on this website, to make sure that you’ve included everything we feel is important
  • the ability to use e-mail, the internet, Word and Excel, and your own email address
  • legal entitlement to work in South Africa.
  • the ability to communicate clearly and professionally in both oral and written English
  • the ability to comprehend spoken English at first language level
  • contactable referees

3.  Please note that the language of most of our client schools is English. The ability to both communicate in English at a professional level and to comprehend English at mother-tongue level is an inherent requirement of all of these posts.  If your CV or covering letter suggests that you do not meet this requirement, we cannot include you in our database.

4.  Remember that we will be evaluating your suitability for inclusion in our database on the basis of the quality of your covering email and CV. If you leave out critical information (e.g. what grades and subjects you have taught, or the name of your teaching qualification, or the institution that you trained at) it may give the impression that you lack the level of professionalism that our candidates need, in order for us to put them forward for positions as professional educators. Spelling, grammatical and/or typing errors will almost certainly give the same impression.

5.  If you are considering moving to a new environment, and if you meet the minimum requirements as spelt out above, even if it appears that The Teacher Network has no suitable vacancies right now, please send us your CV. We never know what our next assignment will be – and it just could be your “Perfect Job”.

6.  From time to time, organisations that feel that the best candidate for one of their vacancies would be an ex-teacher ask us to help them fill vacancies.  If you would like to be considered for one of these posts, please indicate this clearly in your covering email.

7.  The Teacher Network helps schools find staff. We would love to have the time and manpower to offer free guidance and counselling to people who aren’t qualified teachers and/or to help people who need to obtain work permits, but we don’t – unfortunately – offer these services. It simply isn’t the work that our organisation does. We help schools find staff. The staff at your nearest university’s Education Faculty as well as the Department of Home Affairs should be able to give you the information you need. Also, we’re not a salary survey organisation and we also don’t share information about what our client schools pay their staff. We consider this confidential, so people who want us to tell them this information are always disappointed.

8.  Don’t arrange for someone else to phone or to send the CV on your behalf. It doesn’t give a good impression; quite the opposite. Send your CV yourself, from your own email address. If there is a really good reason why someone else needs to do it for you, he/she should mention this in the covering email: for example, “My sister is spending three months travelling across the Australian Outback on a camel, to raise funds for the SPCA, and has asked me to circulate her CV before she returns to South Africa in January”.  

9.  Where applicants’ covering emails contain errors, or give the impression that they are not the calibre of candidate our clients are looking for, their CVs are not included in our database. Similarly, if it is clear from their emails and/or the attached documents that their computer skills are not at the level our clients expect from applicants, their CVs will be rejected.

We look forward to receiving your CV. We hope that you have found this page – and the CV MAGIC page – helpful.